About Michiel Rook

me2015I’m a very experienced freelance developer, trainer, coach and conference/event speaker.

What makes me tick? Large, complex web applications, building teams, open source software, devops, event sourcing, continuous deployment, getting things done.

Ping me if I can help you with:

  • Beautiful code that works
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery & continuous deployment
  • Event sourcing, CQRS
  • New technologies
  • Large, complex systems
  • Legacy applications
  • High performance, high scalability, high availability
  • Building and leading Agile teams
  • Short-term and/or short-haul effort on (critical) projects
  • Software reviews
  • Test / Behavior Driven Development
  • DevOps

I also offer a number of training sessions and talks!

Keywords: AWS, EC2, PHP, Java, Scala, Spark, Hadoop, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, DevOps, Jenkins, GitHub, Scaling, Linux, Docker, Elasticsearch, Scrum, Kubernetes, Axon, Akka, Play

Need development help? Send an e-mail to michiel AT michielrook DOT nl!

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