About Michiel Rook

me2015I’m a very experienced freelance developer, trainer, coach and conference/event speaker. I offer consulting through my company Touchdown Consulting Services.

What makes me tick? Large, complex web applications, building teams, open source software, devops, event sourcing, continuous deployment, getting things done.

Ping me if I can help you with:

  • Beautiful code that works
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery & continuous deployment
  • Event sourcing, CQRS
  • New technologies
  • Large, complex systems
  • Legacy applications
  • High performance, high scalability, high availability
  • Building and leading Agile teams
  • Short-term and/or short-haul effort on (critical) projects
  • Software reviews
  • Test / Behavior Driven Development
  • DevOps

I also offer a number of training sessions and talks!

Keywords: AWS, EC2, PHP, Java, Scala, Spark, Hadoop, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, DevOps, Jenkins, GitHub, Scaling, Linux, Docker, Elasticsearch, Scrum, Kubernetes, Axon, Akka, Play

Need development help? E-mail michiel@touchdownconsulting.nl!

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