My Ideas For March

Last year, Chris Shiflett started the Ideas for March movement, an effort to revitalize the interesting conversations that happen(ed) on blogs. This year, several people are refreshing that effort.

This is my pledge to write (blog) more about what I see and do, the projects that I work on, the tools that I use daily, the people I meet, the events I visit – the things that inspire me. I will be blogging about all things Phing, hopefully post a blog or two about Gearman, SOAP, ZF, security and numerous other subjects that have been stuck in my grey matter, but never managed to make it into a blog post.

Plus, and I’m very excited about this, my good friend Joeri is busy working on a redesign of this site, which will hopefully make all that new content more appealing and easy to read!

Michiel Rook

Michiel Rook is an experienced, passionate & pragmatic freelance coach, developer & speaker from the Netherlands. He loves helping teams and companies to develop better software and significantly improve their delivery process. When he’s not thinking about continuous deployment, DevOps or event sourcing he enjoys music, cars, sports and movies.

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