Phing development update

It’s about time I wrote another Phing development update post, as the previous one  was written 6 months ago!

So, what have we been up to ?

Release 2.5.1

Unfortunately, because of other commitments, the 2.5.1 release has been delayed a little and should hopefully be pushed out later this month.

Here are some of the issues that have already been fixed for this release:

Ticket Summary
#920 Load phpdepend dependency only when they are used
#966 phing unit tests nice on all platforms
#970 FileSyncTask missing from docbook5 documentation
#981 FileUtil::copyFile(): $preserveLastModified causes empty symlink target file
#985 Git Commit Task missing from docs
#990 Prompting for a property value when it is not set results in a repeated input message
#993 ExecTask passthru will redirect stderr
#999 phing-2.5.0.phar Can’t load default task list
#1000 Make phing.phar work out of the box
#1003 2 php syntax bugs in GitCommitTask
#1004 <gitcommit …/> does not work because task definition is missing in + another bug
#1011 Problem with spaces in output redirection path
#1015 phing does not allow phpunit to echo
#1020 [PHP Error] Illegal string offset ‘filename’ [line 149 of /usr/share/pear/phing/tasks/ext/ExtractBaseTask.php]
#1023 Argument 1 passed to IniFileTokenReader::setFile() must be an instance of PhingFile
#1027 RegexpMapper uses deprecated PREG_REPLACE_EVAL
#1029 PhpDocumentor2 task broken with latest phpdoc version


DocBook manual

A number of awesome pulls by johan162 updated our docbook manual (which has been in the works for some time) to a viable alternative. Next on the list are a few infrastructure issues and styling changes, after that the current manual will be ready to be replaced by our shiny new docbook version 🙂


Other changes

For more in-depth information, see the list of recently closed pull requests and the list of commits.

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