CQRS & Event Sourcing in the wild (ScotlandPHP 2016)

Below are the slides of my talk “CQRS & Event Sourcing in the wild”, as presented at ScotlandPHP 2016.

I had a lot of fun presenting this talk. I felt the content gave everybody a slightly more balanced view of CQRS / Event Sourcing and what you can expect when you apply those technologies in production. As a bonus, later that day at the closing social, I spent part of the night doing a live coding / tutorial session (over beers) with a few of the attendees.

CQRS & event sourcing are currently very popular topics in the PHP community. However, most blogs and talks focus on the theory, simple applications or introductions to one of the CQRS / event sourcing frameworks currently available for PHP, not necessarily the challenges of a production deployment.

In this session we will try to bridge that gap and look at some of the issues that popped up during a real-world deployment of an event sourced application. We’ll discuss a few strategies to deal with these issues and how they would apply to current PHP event sourcing frameworks.

Michiel Rook

Michiel Rook

Michiel Rook is a Java/PHP/Scala consultant from the Netherlands. He loves coaching teams to develop better software and implement continuous deployment. He is a co-founder of Make.io and a member of the Dutch Web Alliance. When he’s not thinking about continuous deployment, devops or event sourcing he enjoys music, cars, sports and movies.

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