At year’s end – happy holidays!

Park Servaasbolwerk / Sonnenborgh & Nieuwegracht by Donker Utrecht – visit

It’s a wrap! And what a year it was. 13 conferences and 5 meetups in 9 countries – and my first overseas conference in Montreal, Canada!

Many thanks to the organizers and everyone that attended these events, listened to me speak, asked questions, gave feedback, chased me around to ask more questions and made me feel welcome. I very much appreciate it. Now it’s time for some well deserved rest, before we roll on to 2019!

I wish you Happy Holidays and a productive & healthy New Year!

[image credit: Donker Utrecht – beautiful photographs of my hometown]

PHP UK Conference

I deploy on Fridays(and maybe you should too)

Have you ever heard someone say “Don’t deploy on Friday”? I used to say that too! Learn about resilience and operability, deployments, pipelines and continuous testing. Discover trunk based development, pair programming and best practices, and gain the confidence to deploy any day of the week!